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Gallery: Aliens Invade Earth in 'Battleship' Film

"Battleship" Movie Poster

Universal Pictures

"Battleship" movie poster.

Alien Invaders in "Battleship"

ILM/Universal Pictures

Military personnel are stunned by invaders in "Battleship."

Alien Shredders in "Battleship"

ILM/Universal Pictures

Shredders descend upon a ship in "Battleship."

Rihanna as Raikes in "Battleship"

Universal Pictures

Rihanna, portraying Raikes, takes aim in "Battleship."

Alien in "Battleship"

ILM/Universal Pictures

An alien invader attacks in "Battleship."

Alien Invader in "Battleship"

ILM/Universal Pictures

An alien invader is spotted in the Pacific in "Battleship."

Rihanna in "Battleship"

Universal Pictures

Rihanna portrays Raikes in "Battleship."

"Battleship" Director/Producer Peter Berg

Frank Masi/Universal Pictures

Director/producer Peter Berg stands on the set of "Battleship."

Crewmen Planning Attack in "Battleship"

Universal Pictures

Crewmen discuss a plan of attack in "Battleship."

Shredders Heading for Targets in "Battleship"

ILM/Universal Pictures

Allien shredders prepare to obliterate their targets in "Battleship."

Invaders Attack a Naval Vessel in "Battleship"

ILM/Universal Pictures

Invaders attack a naval ship in "Battleship."

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