Gallery: Visions of Deep Space Stations for Exploration

Telescope Approaches a "Gateway"-type Habitat

NASA and John Frassanito & Associates

A large telescope (foreground) approaches a "Gateway"-type habitat in preparation for upgrade and repair.

Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle Approaching an “Gateway”-type Habitat

NASA and John Frassanito & Associates

Close-up of Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle approaching an inflatable “Gateway”-type habitat.

Robotic Upgrade of Space Telescope

NASA and John Frassanito & Associates

A Gateway inflatable habitation facility carrying out robotic upgrade of a on-orbit imaging system.

Concept for a "Depot Farm"

NASA and John Frassanito & Associates

A libration-point concept for a "depot farm" in support of lunar surface exploration.

A Libration-point Concept for Depoting

NASA and John Frassanito & Associates

A libration-point concept for depoting in support of lunar surface exploration with Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle attached.

Lunar Surface Robot Departs

NASA and John Frassanito & Associates

Advanced lunar surface robot departs libration-point operations and habitation facility.

Upgrade of Telescopes

NASA and John Frassanito & Associates

Upgrade of telescopes at Earth-Moon L1, L2.

Lunar Surface Robotic Control

Dan Lester

Lunar surface robotic control from an L-point habitation and operations site.

Manned Waypoint Near Lunar Farside

Lockheed Martin

Artist's concept of astronauts in an Orion capsule helping direct robotic teleoperations on the moon's farside.

Centaur Boosting Orion to the Moon

Lockheed Martin

In one proposal for a trip to the L2 point, Orion capsule would be launched to Low Earth Orbit on a rocket such as a Delta IV Heavy or Ares I. Then, a modified Centaur upper stage would launch on a separate rocket. Orion would dock to the Centaur stage in orbit, and the Centaur would boost Orion towards the Moon.

Mission to the Farside of the Moon

Lockheed Martin

This artist's conception shows an Orion capsule on the farside of the moon.

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