Gallery: 'Space Junk 3D' - The Movie

Space Junk 3D Movie Poster

©2011. All rights reserved. Space Junk 3D, LLC.

Space Junk 3D movie poster.

Illustration of a Space Debris Field

Space Junk 3D, LLC

Illustration of a space debris field as depicted in the film "Space Junk 3D."

Rockets Launching Illustration

Space Junk 3D, LLC

An illustration suggests the many rocket launches that have caused space debris, from the movie "Space Junk 3D."

Space Junk Problem Detailed

NASA/Orbital Debris Program Office.

Each dot represents a bit of known space junk that's at least 4 inches (10 cm) in low-Earth orbit, where the space station and shuttles roam. In total, some 19,000 manmade objects this size or bigger orbit Earth as of July 2009; most are in low-Earth orbit. Countless smaller objects are also circling the planet.

US Space Surveillance Animation: Wide Shot

Space Junk 3D, LLC

US space surveillance animation as seen in the movie "Space Junk 3D."

Clean-up Solution: Solar Sail

Space Junk 3D, LLC

One possible clean-up solution: a solar sail, as seen in the movie "Space Junk 3D."

Recycling Station Animation

Space Junk 3D, LLC

Recycling station animation as seen in the movie "Space Junk 3D."

Garbage Collector Spaceship

Space Junk 3D, LLC

An illustration imagines a spaceship collecting space "garbage" in the movie "Space Junk 3D."

Retired Head of NASA's Orbital Debris Don Kessler

Space Junk 3D, LLC

Retired head of NASA’s Orbital Debris, scientist Don Kessler beneath a starry night.

Cleaning the Camera for "Space Junk 3D" Movie

©2011. All rights reserved. Space Junk 3D, LLC. Courtesy Calvin Hall Photography

Cleaning lenses during 40 mph winds at Meteor Crater in Arizona.

Mixing Sound for Space Junk 3D Movie

©2011. All rights reserved. Space Junk 3D, LLC.

Mixing 6.0 surround sound at Technicolor Toronto in the making of Space Junk 3D.

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