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Photos: NASA Discovers Real-Life 'Tatooine' Planet With 2 Suns

Kepler Planets Diagram

NASA/Kepler Mission/Wendy Stenzel

Comparative sizes of planets discovered by Kepler. Jupiter, Neptune and Earth are shown for comparison as well. "RE" in the diagram means size relative to Earth or RE = Radius of the planet in Earth radii.

Kepler Planets Temperatures and Sizes Chart

NASA/Ames, W. Stenzel

Chart showing temperatures and relative sizes of the Kepler planets that have been discovered.

Kepler Spacecraft to Hunt Earth-Like Worlds


An artist's interpretation of the Kepler observatory in space.

Kepler planets illustration


An artist's illustration of the extrasolar planets discovered around the star Kepler 11 by NASA's Kepler Space Telescope.

Multiple Sunsets Like Tatooine

NASA/JPL's Planetquest/Caltech

Luke Skywalker’s home planet of Tatooine in Star Wars had two suns, but that’s paltry compared to a Jupiter-like planet 149 light-years from Earth. This planet has three suns, with the main star similar in mass to our own sun. The triple-star system is known as HD 188753. Like Tatooine, the planet there is likely pretty hot – it orbits very close to the main star, completing one orbit every 3.5 days.

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