In Photos: Juno's Amazing Views of Jupiter

Juno's Science Instruments


A look at the Juno science instruments NASA will use to explore the largest planet in our solar system.

Juno Spacecraft at Jupiter


This artist's illustration shows NASA's Juno spacecraft at Jupiter, with its solar arrays and main antenna pointed toward the distant sun and Earth.

NASA Chooses Rocket for Next Jupiter Probe

NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory

An artist's concept of the NASA planned Juno mission to Jupiter, which is slated for launch in August 2011.

Juno Spacecraft to Study Jupiter


NASA's Juno probe is seen orbiting Jupiter in an artist's impression. Juno will carry several instruments, including the Jovian Infra-Red Auroral Mapper (JIRAM), which will probe the planet's atmosphere and the auroras generated by interaction between the atmosphere and intense radiation trapped by the giant planet's magnetic field. The detailed structure of Jupiter's atmosphere is key to understanding the processes that formed both our solar system, and planets around other stars.

Artist's Concept of Juno Spacecraft


Jupiter is probably the best place in the solar system to study how the magnetic fields of planets are generated. The Juno spacecraft will arrive at the Jovian system in July 2016, then circle the planet and collect data for more than one Earth year.

Juno Infographic by NASA


This infographic details NASA's Juno Jupiter probe and its instruments.

'Destination: Jupiter' -- Songs Inspired by Juno Mission

Apple iTunes

“Destination: Jupiter, Inspired by NASA's Juno Mission," available through Apple Music and iTunes, offers artists' singles and a short film related to NASA's mission to the giant planet.

Songs Inspired by Juno Mission: NASA, Apple Team Up

Apple Music

NASA and Apple have enlisted Weezer, Trent Reznor, Brad Paisley and other musicians to record songs inspired by the Juno mission arriving in Jupiter's orbit on Monday (July 4).

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