Controversial Study Suggests Our Universe is One of Many

Some researchers think concentric ring patterns in measurements of the cosmic microwave background are evidence of a universe that existed before our own was born in the Big Bang.
(Image: © Roger Penrose and Vahe Gurzadyan)

The sky holds many wonders, such as stars, galaxies,

However, a number of other researchers dispute these

Circles in the sky?

The evidence in question is said to lie in the haze of

However, a little over a month ago, a pair of physicists

The cosmic

So what are these circles within circles? They might be

A simple error?

However, their analysis has been greeted with skepticism, to

"It looks to us as if they made quite a simple error in

Zibin and the other researchers

"We saw the same kinds of patterns in those

But Zibin and his colleagues are

Other skeptics make similar arguments.

"Penrose has a nice theoretical model, but so far there

Other universes?

Scientists have long speculated that our universe might not

In a separate recent project, a team of researchers led by

When our bubble expanded during inflation, it might have

"They looked at 15 different indicators, and four

Peiris and her colleagues

"The story's not over," Berera

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