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Taika Waititi Enlisted for Flash Gordon Film — Which Was Thor: Ragnarok's Biggest Influence

(Image: © Darwyn Cooke/Dynamite Entertainment)

Taika Waititi has signed on in an unspecified role to "crack" 20th Century Fox's long-simmering Flash Gordon film as an animated movie, according to Deadline. One of the Hollywood trade's sources says Waiti will write and direct the film, but some from Waititi's "camp" confirmed his involvment but said any specific role was premature.

Taika Waititi (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Waititi is currently in post-production on Jojo Rabbit, and recently exited a planned film for Netflix called Bubbles.

Fox has been working on a Flash Gordon film reboot for years, with directors Matthew Vaughn and Julius Avery both previously announced for the project as a live-aciton film. During promotion for Thor: Ragnarok, Waititi said the 1980 Flash Gordon was a big influence on that film.

"I think Flash Gordon is one of the biggest...You know, the tone and the colors, definitely the colors sort of how bright and in your face that film is. The soundtrack as well, sort of got similar feels to it," Waititi told ScreenRant in 2017."That film was actually the only film I ended up showing the H.O.D.s before we started shooting . Then, what else did we have? Other films I looked at early on were Big Trouble in Little China."

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