Beam yourself into the 'Star Trek' universe with this bold new 'Captain's Log Solo RPG'

Captain's Log Solo Roleplaying Game
Captain's Log Solo Roleplaying Game (Image credit: Modiphius)

Intrepid star voyagers already familiar with Modiphius Entertainment's "Star Trek Adventures" tabletop RPG will be thrilled to learn of the London-based game publisher's latest release, a "fascinating" solo roleplaying endeavor called the "Captain's Log Solo Roleplaying Game." 

This impressive 326-page, digest-sized rulebook delivers a complete streamlined iteration of the award-winning 2d20 System employed for the company's popular "Star Trek Adventures" roleplaying game where gamers can build out their own "Star Trek" missions with an ambitious starship commander that they create, bound only by the limits of their own overactive imagination. If Star Trek isn't your fancy, you can check out our picks for the best space board games out there right now.

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You'll be able to explore the final frontier on your own in the new Captain's Log solo RPG coming from Modiphius Entertainment. (Image credit: Modiphius)

Here's the official description:

"Write your own captain's log as you, your ship, and your crew venture into the cosmos alone, conducting galaxy-spanning missions and recording your progress. The solo roleplaying game uses the award-winning rules of "Star Trek Adventures" to give a unique gameplay style, letting "Star Trek" fans record their own captain's logs for the first time!

"Players can create or randomly generate their missions without a gamemaster, decide on the actions their crew will take to complete it, and a vibrant story will emerge as success or failure provides unexpected twists and turns while exploring strange new worlds and discovering new life and civilizations. The game also allows captains to play cooperatively with friends as their senior staff, or explore the final frontier with a gamemaster facilitating their adventures. "Star Trek Adventures" gamemasters can also use the random story tables contained in "Captain's Log" to generate countless hours of memorable adventures in the "Star Trek" universe.”

Star Trek Adventures: Captain's Log is an evolution of Modiphius Entertainment tried and true RPG for Trek fans who want to dive into the universe but are missing a crew. (Image credit: Modiphius)

An attractive feature of this new solo RPG is that gamers can inhabit any era of the "Star Trek" franchise, from the 21st to the 32nd century, simply by picking from a selection of four cover designs sporting the combadges from: "The Original Series," "The Next Generation," "Deep Space Nine"/"Voyager," and "Discovery."

Each full-color hardcover "Captain's Log Solo Roleplaying Game" features: life paths and roles for any type of character, not just Starfleet captains; a "Star Trek" primer including society, technology, and eras of play; rules for creating or randomizing your own starship or starbase; guidance on implementing rules and telling your own sci-fi tales; and more than 100 random tables and storytelling matrixes including alien worlds, allies and enemies, and mission themes.

Another cover option with schematics for Star Trek Adventures: Captains Log. (Image credit: Modiphius)

Interested Starfleet center-seaters can pre-order copies from or and receive a digital PDF copy immediately, or wait patiently for physical print editions slated for delivery in stores in August 2023.

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