This week in our forums: Space surprises, Perseverance prizes and an astronomically huge number!

An artist's depiction of gravitational waves causing ripples in space-time.
An artist's depiction of gravitational waves causing ripples in space-time. (Image credit: R. Hurt/Caltech-JPL)

Another busy week on the forums (opens in new tab) has brought out even more gems from the community. We discussed space facts that surprised us the most and even took a guess at how many asteroids are in our solar system. But, before all of that, we've got a giveaway ending soon (opens in new tab)

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We're giving away two prizes — this Mars 2020 Perseverance rover commemorative landing coin and a mission patch — to one lucky winner. (Image credit: Future)
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April 2 is the last day to enter for a chance to win our Perseverance Prize pack (opens in new tab)! We’ve had an incredible response from the community, including some imaginative responses to our prompt. 

Be sure to head over to this thread (opens in new tab) and follow all of the instructions to enter. We’ll be closing the competition for entries at 11:59 PM EST on April 2nd!

Surprising space facts 

We wanted to know what facts about space surprised the community (opens in new tab). As you might expect, we got some fascinating responses: 

The most surprising thing that I learned about space is that it is inextricably linked with time and therefore becomes space-time. This should have been obvious, I suppose, but it wasn't. - daleraby (opens in new tab)

What surprised me was how our magnetic field protects us from the solar winds. - Wynndell (opens in new tab)

This is what always boggles me and puzzles me: The hugeness of the Universe. We don't even know how large the whole universe is. And we can't even observe the whole universe. That's something that will boggle my mind forever, no matter how much we know, the universe will always surprise us. - IG2007 (opens in new tab)

Check out the rest of the conversation here. (opens in new tab)

How many asteroids are there? 

One user posts an utterly intriguing question: How many asteroids are in our solar system (opens in new tab)? What’s more, they even had a theoretical answer to the question. With any number even remotely close to the right answer being so difficult to imagine, it makes for a head scratcher of an enquiry.

Follow the conversation over at this thread. (opens in new tab)

The uncertainty principle. (opens in new tab)

What does one do on a flight to Mars? (opens in new tab)

Discussing Gaia Theory. (opens in new tab)

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