The Community Is Back!'s Community Forums are back! Just in time for our 20th anniversary.'s Community Forums are back! Just in time for our 20th anniversary. (Image credit: Future)

Hey, space fans! After 10 long years, we're excited to reopen our hailing frequencies to say this:

The Forums are back!

We've been in cryosleep for a while, so do excuse our space dust. But we're excited to relaunch our forums as a meeting place where you can discuss the latest discoveries and missions from the final frontier.

Over the last decade, we've witnessed discoveries of possibly habitable exoplanets, a renewed push to the moon, the first actual photo of a black hole, close-up views of our old friend, Pluto, and learned that we have a mere 4.5 billion years before our galaxy is gobbled up by our neighbor Andromeda. It hasn't exactly been quiet out in space. And now, we're here!

Visit our Forums and start your discussion on everything space! (Image credit: Future)

Our new Forums are a place where you (and the team) can share your fascination with both the observed and speculative reaches of space and physics, where the discovery of microscopic organic material can be discussed as breathlessly as new information on black holes, where you can share and expound upon how some small piece of news has triggered a quantum change in how you see the natural world … we're here, and we couldn't be more thrilled.

For those returning to our Forums after our hiatus, all your old discussions are right where you left them, frozen in digital carbonite. Our crew has taken the liberty of restoring them to their original condition for posterity. You may notice the look and features of the forum have substantially improved from the start of the voyage, and we think you’ll find this new vessel quite to your liking and comfort!

Let's all get reacquainted!

Post a reply to The Return of the Community thread here letting us know who you are and what you’ve been up to during the Space forum's hiatus!


Joe Pishgar, VP Global Community
Tariq Malik, Editor-in-Chief

Let's talk about space! (Image credit: Future)

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