Rare Blue Moon, the last until 2023, wows stargazers (photos)

A rare seasonal "Blue Moon" wowed skywatchers Sunday (Aug. 22), marking the last time this type of moon will grace the sky until 2023.

The full moon, also known as the "Sturgeon Moon," was not called blue for its color. Rather, it has to do with a scheduling rule that happens during a calendar year with 13 full moons, instead of the usual 12. 

If four full moons fall during one season, that's called a Blue Moon. A newer definition also defines a Blue Moon as the second full moon in a month, but that definition did not apply to Sunday's sky show.

Regardless of its name, the moon wowed skywatchers on multiple continents, as an informal survey of Twitter shows below.

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It will be two more years before another Blue Moon comes around, although again that depends on what definition you prefer to use.

If you use the "two full moons in a month rule", according to skywatching columnist Joe Rao, the next blue moon will also come in the month of August — Aug. 30, 2023 to be exact. 

But if you prefer the other definition saying the Blue Moon is the fourth full moon in a single season, that won't happen again until another August: Aug. 19, 2024.

Happily, the next full moon will happen a lot sooner than that. The Corn Moon is expected to reach its peak on Sept. 20, with other full moons in 2021 occuring on Nov. 19 and Dec. 18.

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