The Space Show is rapidly approaching its fourth anniversary as a radio talk show devoted to furthering space tourism, the expansion of space commerce, and the development of a space-faring nation and world. When I started this radio program in May 2001, it was known as Business Without Boundaries (BWB) and was heard on a small Phoenix, Arizona radio station. There were no archives nor was the program streamed on the internet for a wider listening audience.

Originally, BWB was designed to be a program about small business consulting, planning, and problem solving, however, I decided to invite Dr. Patrick Collins on the program as a guest in early July 2001 to speak about space tourism. The show clicked with an exciting audience reaction and I made a quick decision to refocus the program on commercial space and related topics. The Phoenix station soon added streaming services and that enabled many others to listen to the show. For business reasons, the show was moved from Phoenix to Seattle in the fall of 2002 and the name was changed to The Space Show.

Our show is guided by a strong vision and mission. My vision calls for space to be like any other place we choose to visit, work in, or call home. It should be just another destination, like Tahiti, Hawaii, or any other location available to us now. When this vision becomes reality, we will be space-faring in our culture, our economy, our society, and in our lives. Our world will be vastly improved by countless space-related benefits, transforming our lives both in space and on Earth. I believe this to be true and I strive to make sure that each program is in alignment with this vision.

It is my personal goal to promote future economic opportunities, scientific discoveries, and medical advances for all humankind through peaceful and cooperative ventures in outer space, as well a being the forum by which space exploration becomes an integral part of our culture, our economy, our country, our world, and our global vision, in which all nations unite in creating a thriving future through the enormous potentials afforded by off-earth opportunities. This is being accomplished with a commitment to advancing integrity and responsibility both in our off-earth conduct and in the potential long range consequences of our actions in space. I firmly believe that this program is helping to make the dreams of space today the reality of tomorrow.

Up to this date I've aired well over 300 programs interviewing space leaders from all disciplines and from many nations. Through word of mouth, the archived programs at now have over 50,000 listeners per month and the number of archived listeners is increasing by significant amounts each month. We're heard in over 50 countries including surprises such as China, Iran, The Ivory Coast, India, Israel, and the full Middle East. Interviews have been conducted with guests from Holland, England, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Australia, Belgium, just to mention a few. In addition, there are now two weekly programs and often there will be a third or fourth program.

Soon, there will be a regularly scheduled third weekly program reserved for the discussion of timely events and subjects. Other changes are being made that should enable the program to grow and expand into new markets. These new changes will be happening shortly. Each show gets calls, e-mails, and chat participation from people around the world. We covered all the Space Ship One fights live with each broadcast running about four hours.

During these broadcasts, mirror streaming sites were appearing around the world to help carry the demand for this incredible and historic event and more than a thousand emails were received for each flight from people everywhere listening to the events unfolding in Mojave. I even heard from people in Australia who were keeping their young children up into the very early morning hours to listen to our broadcast of events as ours was the only nonstop coverage available.

The Tuesday evening program airs live from 7-8:15PM Pacific Time. Seattle listeners can hear the first hour on KKNW 1150AM plus the KKNW streaming site and all other listeners can hear the full Space Show program on the streaming site which can be accessed from the website. The Sunday program from 12-1:30PM Pacific Time can be heard on streaming site, as can all special programs.

All shows are archived on the website and starting this year, the programs are archived in the MP3 format for easy downloading, use with all MP3 players and to facilitate podcasting which will be implemented in the near future.