In Photos: The Last 'Blue Moon' of 2018

A 'Blue Moon' Lights Up the Night Sky

Ian Middleton

The last "Blue Moon" of 2018 shone bright for skywatchers around the world on March 31. Click through this gallery to see some of the most amazing photos from this celestial event. HERE: The Blue Moon rises out of the clouds after a rainstorm in a photo by Ian Middleton.

An Orange 'Blue Moon'

Jeff Sanders

Despite the moniker, a Blue Moon does not actually appear blue. Rather, the term refers to either the second full moon in a month or the third full moon in a season with four full moons (as opposed to the usual three). In this photo taken by Jeff Sanders in La Crosse, Wisconsin, the moon looks orange. This effect is caused by light scattering in Earth's atmosphere. The closer the moon is to the horizon, the stronger this effect becomes.

Orange Moon, Blue Sky

Jeff Sanders

A view from La Crosse, Wisconsin shows the Blue Moon rising over a riverside home.

Space Station Transit

Fred Pompei

The International Space Station flies in front of the last Blue Moon of 2018 in this photo by Fred Pompei. He created this composite using images he captured on the evening of March 31 in St. Charles, Michigan.

Blue Moon Lights Up a Lighthouse

Steve Scanlon

The Blue Sap Moon, seen here above the Navesink Twin Lights lighthouse in Highlands, New Jersey, appears like a celestial beacon for the once-operational tower. Astrophotographer Steve Scanlon captured this image near the historic site at 6:25 a.m. local time on March 31.

In the Clouds

Ian Middleton

The Blue Moon emerges from behind a rain cloud after a storm in this photo by Ian Middleton.

'Blue Moon' Lights Up the Sky

Jeff Sanders

The Blue Moon glows above an overpass in La Crosse, Wisconsin in this photo by Jeff Sanders.

'Blue Moon' Over Rural Kansas

Gary Hoffsommer

This photo of the Blue Moon was taken by Gary Hoffsommer in rural Osage County, Kansas, southwest of Topeka.

A Greek 'Blue Moon'

Wassilios Aswestopoulos/NurPhoto/Getty

The Blue Moon rises over an industrial area of Larco at Politica on the Greek island of Euboea.

Rising From the Trees

Jennifer Rose Lane

The Blue Moon peeks over the treetops in Chapmanville, West Virginia in this photo by Jennifer Rose Lane.

Airplane Photobombs the 'Blue Moon'

Kevin McCarthy

An airliner traverses the near-full Blue Moon on March 30, 2018 in this photo taken by Kevin McCarthy in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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