The 'Genius' of Albert Einstein on Nat Geo Channel (Photos)


National Geographic/Dusan Martincek

Geoffrey Rush stars as Albert Einstein in National Geographic's "Genius," a scripted drama series that highlights some of the most thrilling and intimate details of the acclaimed physicist's personal life.

Einstein Under Attack

National Geographic/Dusan Martincek

Part of the story takes place in Berlin, Germany, where Einstein lived from 1913 to 1933. Being a Jewish scientist with controversial ideas during the rise of Nazi Germany landed Einstein's name on a Nazi hit list, and he emigrated to the United States as soon as Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933. [• Albert Einstein: Biography, Theories & Quotes]

Discovering Relativity

National Geographic/Robert Viglasky

Johnny Flynn co-stars as young Albert Einstein in National Geographic's "Genius" series. Here he is pictured riding a bicycle with his first girlfriend, Marie Winteler (played by Shannon Tarbet). Einstein is rumored to have come up with his theory of relativity while riding a bicycle.

Young Einstein

National Geographic/Robert Viglasky

Johnny Flynn stars as young Albert Einstein in National Geographic's "Genius."

Older Einstein

National Geographic/Dusan Martincek

Albert Einstein (Geoffrey Rush) contemplates the nature of light in National Geographic's "Genius."

A Less-than-Stellar Student

National Geographic/Dusan Martincek

Young Albert Einstein (Johnny Flynn) exceeded at science and mathematics in school, but he wasn't a great student. He often let his mind wander during class and was berated for his lack of attention. [Einstein's Brain Reveals Clues to Genius]

Mileva Marić

National Geographic/Dusan Martincek

Samantha Colley stars as Mileva Marić, Albert Einstein's first wife, in National Geographic's "Genius." The two were married from 1903 to 1914 and had two sons and a daughter. [Einstein in Love: Letters Illuminate Genius' Dark Side]

Albert & Mileva

Public Domain

The real Albert Einstein and Mileva Marić in 1912.

Heidelberg University

National Geographic/Dusan Martincek

Mileva Maric (Samantha Colley) tries to get professor Philipp Lenard (Michael McElhatton) of Heidelberg University to read her essay on kinetic theory.

Elsa Einstein

National Geographic/Dusan Martincek

Emily Watson stars as Elsa, Einstein's second wife (and first cousin) in National Geographic's "Genius." Einstein married Elsa in Berlin in 1918. She came with him when he fled to the U.S. in 1933 but died only two months thereafter.

Nazi Times

National Geographic/Dusan Martincek

Albert Einstein (Geoffrey Rush) reads a German newspaper called "Die Alte Berliner" with a photo of the dictator Adolf Hitler on the cover. Einstein fled the country when Hitler came to power in 1933 and started his life anew in the United States. [How Albert Einstein Helped Blackmail President Roosevelt Over Manhattan Project Funding]

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