Meteor showers are formed by comets and asteroids that come close to the Sun. Heat from the Sun causes dust and rock to break off the body and gather into a collection of debris that moves along the body's orbital path. If Earth's orbit crosses this path, there is a meteor shower as the dust particles vaporize in Earth's atmosphere, about 90 km above Earth's surface.

Name Pronunciation Listen
The Quadrantids kwa-DRAN-tids sound
The Lyrids LYE-rids sound
The Eta Aquarids AY-tah AK-wa-rids sound
The South Delta Aquarids south DEL-tah AK-wa-rids sound
The Perseids PUR-see-ids sound
The Orionids o-RYE-o-nids sound
The South Taurids south TOR-ids sound
The North Taurids north TOR-ids sound
The Leonids LEE-o-nids sound
The Geminids GEM-e-nids sound
The Ursids UR-sids sound