How the British Skylon Space Plane Works (Infographic)

Details of the Skylon space plane.
The British company Reaction Engines Ltd. hopes to manufacture Skylon, a runway-to-orbit space plane using hybrid air-breathing rocket engines. (Image credit: by Karl Tate, Infographics artist)

The British Skylon single-stage-to-orbit space plane would take off from a runway and fly on air-breathing hydrogen-fueled rocket engines for much of its ascent through the atmosphere. When the air becomes too thin, Skylon switches to onboard liquid oxygen. 

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Skylon's payload bay carries both passengers and cargo, although the craft itself is controlled remotely and has no onboard pilots.

Crew: None (remotely controlled from the ground)

Passengers: None (up to 30 in optional passenger module)

Payload: 33,000 lbs. (15,000 kilograms)

Length: 273 feet (83 meters)

Wingspan: 88 feet (26.8 m)

Loaded weight: 717,000 lbs. (325,000 kg)

Maximum speed: air-breathing Mach 5.14, rocket Mach 27.8

Orbital altitude: 373 miles (600 kilometers)


The Skylon Space Plane in Pictures


The Skylon Personnel / Logistics Module (SPLM) could be installed in Skylon's cargo bay for carrying a combination of passengers and supplies to orbital stations. If carrying passengers only, it could support up to 30 people.

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