Photos: NASA's Space Launch System Rocket Booster Test in Pictures

SLS Booster Heated

Orbital ATK

In Promontory, Utah, the SLS booster is being heated to 90 degrees Fahrenheit before the March 11, 2015, qualification test at Orbital ATK's test facility. [Read full story.]

Orbital ATK Avionics Control Panels

Orbital ATK

An Orbital ATK technician examines the avionics control panels at the company's Avionics Lab located in Clearfield, Utah. Image released Feb. 19, 2015. [Read full story.]

Insulation Installed on SLS Booster Segment Case

Orbital ATK

An Orbital ATK technician attaches one of more than 900 plies of insulation onto the interior wall of an SLS booster segment case. Image released Feb. 11, 2015. [Read full story.]

Removing a Rounding Fixture from the Solid Rocket Motor Center Segment

Orbital ATK

Technicians detach a rounding fixture from the solid rocket motor center segment, part of the SLS booster. Image released Feb. 11, 2015. [Read full story.]

Final Segment Ready for Space Launch System Booster Test


The final segment of the full-scale version of a five-segment solid rocket motor for NASA's new rocket, the Space Launch System, completed preparations Dec. 15 at ATK's facility in Promontory, Utah. After technicians installed instrumentation, the segment was transported to ATK's test area. There, it is being integrated with the other segments for the first booster qualification test firing, scheduled for March. SLS will be the most powerful rocket ever built for deep space missions, including to an asteroid and ultimately to Mars. ATK is the prime contractor for the boosters. [Read full story.]

Systems Go for SLS Boosters Qualification Motor Test


Test technicians at ATK's facility in Promontory, Utah, examine the booster aft skirt, which is set up for final validation testing of its avionics command and control system. The new system will be used on a ground static firing of the full-scale booster, Qualification Motor-1 (QM-1), for NASA's Space Launch System. SLS will be the most powerful rocket ever built for deep space missions, including to an asteroid and eventually Mars. NASA and ATK successfully completed that testing Aug. 26 with an off-motor aft skirt hot-fire test. This last phase of testing serves as the final validation that planning, engineering, scripts, equipment and people are all ready for the upcoming static test, using this newly-developed command and control system. ATK is the prime contractor for the boosters for SLS. The test team stands ready to receive the aft segment in preparation for QM-1, targeted for early 2015. [Read full story.]

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