Photos: NASA's Space Shuttle Atlantis on Display at KSC

Atlantis' Main Engines

Clara Moskowitz/

The main engines jut out behind the space shuttle Atlantis on dislay at its new exhibit.

Shuttle Heat Shield

Clara Moskowitz/

Walking below the shuttle Atlantis on display, the orbiter's protective heat shield tiles are visible, dinged and scratched from traveling through Earth's atmosphere.

Slide Through Re-Entry

Clara Moskowitz/

A slide in the Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibition allows visitors to experience the slope the shuttle orbiters glided in on their return trips to Earth.

Wing of a Bird

Clara Moskowitz/

The wing of space shuttle Atlantis dips down to the bottom floor of the new Kennedy Space Center exhibition.

Shuttle Nose

Clara Moskowitz/

The body of the shuttle Atlantis, including its nose, bears the telltale marks of 33 missions to space and back, including nicks, dings, scratches and tracks that resulted from plunigng through Earth's atmosphere on its return trip.

Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit Gift Shop Pearlman

"Space Shuttle Atlantis" shirts, jackets, caps and mugs, among other souvenirs, are offered in the new "Shuttle Express" shop at NASA's Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida. [Read the Full Story]

Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit Models Pearlman

Space shuttle Atlantis models, including a limited edition model signed by Atlantis' final commander Chris Ferguson, are offered by the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida. [Read the Full Story]

Entrance to Space Shuttle Atlantis Facility

NASA/ Jim Grossmann

Guests will be able to walk beneath the 184-foot-tall shuttle twin solid rocket boosters and external fuel tank as they enter the "Space Shuttle Atlantis" facility at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida. This image was released June 27, 2013.

Space Shuttle Atlantis 360: KSC Visitor's Complex Cooper via

"Space Shuttle Atlantis" at NASA's Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida is designed to give guests a nearly 360-degree view of the retired orbiter. [Read the Full Story]

Hubble Telescope Model

Clara Moskowitz/

The space shuttle ehibit at Kennedy Space Center features a life-size model of the Hubble Telescope, which shuttle Atlantis rendezvoused with in orbit for repairs.

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