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Photos: Swiss Robotic Mini-Shuttle Concept Unveiled

SOAR Unmanned Space Plane

Swiss Space Systems

The Switzerland-based Swiss Space Systems announced plans to launch a privately built SOAR unmanned space plane from an Airbus A300 jetliner by 2017 for small satellite launches.

Artist's Illustration of SOAR Unmanned Space Vehicle

Swiss Space Systems

This artist's illustration shows the Swiss Space Systems unmanned SOAR space plane gliding back to its spaceport after launching a small satellite.

Artist's Illustration of SOAR Rocket Engine

Swiss Space Systems

An illustration of the Swiss Space Systems unmanned space plane SOAR space plane's upper stage rocket engine for launching small satellites into orbit.

Flight Plan for SOAR Space Plane

Swiss Space Systems

This Swiss Space Systems graphic depicts the flight planned for the company's unmanned SOAR space plane for satellite launches. The spacecraft is designed to launch from an Airbus A300 jetliner.

Artist’s Impression of SOAR Spaceport

Swiss Space Systems

An artist's illustration of a commercial spaceport for the private SOAR unmanned space plane being developed by the company Swiss Space Systems in Payerne, Switzerland.

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