Tiny Portable Satellite Radios

Think ofthese pretty portable players as the lovechildren of TiVo, satellite radio andthe iPod. They allow you to record your favorite crystal-clear satelliteprogramming TiVo-style and then listen to it later on, wherever you are.Although these wearable units are not themselves satellite receivers--they haveto be docked to receive and record content--the XM Samsung neXus and Sirius S50have two key advantages over their antenna-outfitted relatives: They're halfthe size, and you can upload your MP3 and WMA files and mix them into yoursatellite-radio playlists. Pick your device based on programming (Sirius hasabout 120 channels, including the NFL; XM has about 150, including Major LeagueBaseball), or weigh the tech specs below.

Samsung Nexus for XM

Covet itbecause Press abutton on the handset to "tag" a song you like. When you connect the neXus toyour computer, you'll be prompted to purchase the song through the new XM +Napster music service.

Buzzkill Old-school black-and-white screen

Size 3.4 x 1.9 x 0.7 inches

Capacity 512 MB (25 hours of content) and 1GB (50 hours of content)

Battery life 15 hours

Channelpresets 10

Acceptedformats MP3, WMA

Price Not set (player available late2005)

Get it xmradio.com

Sirius S50

Covet itbecause It tracksyour three favorite stations based on percentage of listening time and, whendocked, automatically creates playlists tailored to your preferences. Sortthrough songs--by genre, title or artist--on its stunning 260,000-color screen.

Buzzkill The Home Dock, including theantenna needed to listen to and record live Sirius radio, is sold separatelyfor $100.

Size 3.9 x 1.9 x 0.7 inches

Capacity 1 GB (50 hours of content)

Battery life 6 hours

Channel presets 30

Acceptedformats MP3, WMA

Price $360

Get it sirius.com

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