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Google Lunar X Prize: The Private Moon Race Teams (Images)

Omega Envoy

Google Lunar X PRIZE

Earthrise Space, Inc. (ESI) seeks to leverage experience gained through its Omega Envoy project to create the first viable commercial lunar delivery service to support future space transportation infrastructure.


Google Lunar X PRIZE

The European Lunar Exploration Association (Euroluna) team is a group of friends and relatives with engineering backgrounds who have gathered to compete for the Google Lunar X PRIZE.

Part-Time Scientists

Google Lunar X PRIZE

The Part-Time Scientists team is developing an innovative lunar lander and rover. The team also plans to contribute to the development and building of an innovative new global communications network known as COMRAY.

Team Puli

Google Lunar X PRIZE

Team Puli is a dedicated team of young Hungarian professionals and space enthusiasts, named after the Puli, a dog breed long used by shepherds for the protection and guidance of livestock in Hungary.


Google Lunar X Prize

Team SpaceMETA emerged after several brainstorming sessions on the beaches of Rio among a group of entrepreneurs who decided to go ahead with the dream to land on the moon, and after that, developed several ideas on how to do it on an innovative way.

Plan B

Google Lunar X PRIZE

The Plan B team seeks to utilize existing technologies in software, microprocessors, communication, guidance and robotic systems to produce small vehicles capable of traveling to and transmitting data at the moon's surface.


Google Lunar X PRIZE

Angelicum Chile is a team formed by aerospace and satellite engineers with experience in national space programs.

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