Meet Lynx: XCOR Aerospace's Winged Space Plane (Gallery)

The Lynx Wind Tunnel Model with Control Surfaces

XCOR Aerospace

The Lynx wind tunnel model with complete set of control surfaces

Lynx Model Group

XCOR Aerospace

XCOR Aerospace employees study the Lynx spacecraft model.

XCOR 5K18 Engine Testing

XCOR Aerospace

5K18 engine testing for the Lynx spacecraft continues through winter and spring in the High Desert. Image released March 24, 2009.

XCOR Unveils New Suborbital Rocketship

Mike Massee/XCOR

An artist's rendition of XCOR Aerospace's Lynx space plane high above the Earth. Roughly the size of a small private airplane, the craft is designed to make several flights a day into a zero-gravity environment.

XCOR Aerospace Lynx Spacecraft With Payload

XCOR Aerospace

XCOR Aerospace's Lynx spacecraft is shown launching into space with a science payload on its dorsal side in this artist's illustration.

XCOR - Flight of the Lynx

Still from animation shows a typical sub-orbital mission of XCOR's tourist-class vehicle.

Methane Rocket Engine Successfully Tested

Mike Massee/XCOR

XCOR's methane rocket successfully passing a test in the Mojave Desert. The technology could make planets and moons into space-based refueling stations.

XCOR Aerospace Lynx Space Plane: Science Payload Diagram

XCOR Aerospace

This diagram from XCOR Aerospace shows where science payloads will be placed on its Lynx space plane during suborbital spaceflights.

Private Spaceflight: Shifting into Fast Forward

XCOR Aerospace

XCOR Aerospace is making progress in putting together its suborbital business plans. The group is also engaged in future rocket races based on their EZ-Rocket design. Image

XCOR Aerospace CEO Jeff Greason Faulkner

XCOR Aerospace CEO Jeff Greason.

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