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Vote Now! Top Space Stories of the Week - Oct. 30, 2011

Spooky Space Halloween, Aliens in Our Dreams and the Big Crunch


This week we looked at spooky things in space, watched the "perfect" launch of a rocket and dreamed about aliens in just some of the stories that came from space this past week.

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2,000-Year-Old Supernova Mystery Solved By NASA Telescopes


Mysteries surrounding the first documented supernova, such as how the stellar explosion occurred and how the star's shattered remains spread out to such great distances, have been solved with the help of new infrared observations from two NASA space telescopes. [Full Story]

Hurricane Rina Forces NASA to Abort Undersea 'Asteroid' Mission


Due to growing concerns about Hurricane Rina, NASA decided to cut short its underwater NEEMO 15 mission, which was in the process of simulating aspects of a trip to an asteroid. [Full Story]

'Doomsday' Comet Elenin Is Dead, NASA Says

Michael Mattiazzo

The wimpy comet Elenin, which vaulted into the public spotlight as a so-called harbinger of doom, has met its own demise, and its remains won't be back for 12,000 years, NASA scientists say. [Full Story]

Endless Void or Big Crunch: How Will the Universe End?


Not only are scientists unsure how the universe will end, they aren't even sure it will end at all. [Full Story]

NASA Plan for Private Space Taxis Hasn't Won Over Lawmakers Chow

The projected costs and benefits of helping to develop commercial spaceships, part of NASA's plan to focus on exploration rather than transportation, drew skepticism today (Oct. 26) from members of a House panel. [Full Story]

Alien Abductions May Be Vivid Dreams, Study Shows


Researchers say they have conducted "the first experiment to ever prove that close encounters with UFOs and extraterrestrials are a product of the human mind." [Full Story]

The Search for Alien 'Footprints': Scientist Rethinks Hunt for E.T.

Any intelligent extraterrestrial life that exists probably won't announce itself by blowing up the White House, or win over the hearts of children as a lovable alien with a glowing finger. Many scientists simply hope to find evidence of them by scanning the skies for a radio signal from a distant star's alien civilization. But such efforts may also risk overlooking clues of past alien activity right here on Earth. [Full Story]

Asteroid Lutetia May Have Heart of Hot Melted Metal


A new study of the asteroid 21 Lutetia has revealed signs of a molten-hot core, a smoldering remnant of the solar system's earliest days that could help unlock secrets of planet formation and Earth's weirdest meteorites, researchers say. [Full Story]

Vampire Stars, Frankensatellites & More: A Spooky Space Halloween

Aaron M. Geller

A full moon oddity, the secret of vampire stars and new idea to build Frankensatellites in orbit are just some of the spooky revelations in space this October, just in time for Halloween. [Full Story]

NASA Climate Satellite Faces Big Job After 'Absolutely Perfect' Launch

NASA/Bill Ingalls

The launch of NASA's NPP climate satellite was "absolutely perfect," researchers said. [Full Story]

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