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Photos: NASA's Space Exploration Vehicle for Asteroids & Beyond

SEV Approaches Asteroid


In this artist's concept, the Space Exploration Vehicle (SEV) approaches an asteroid.

SEV Takes Sample from Asteroid


The Space Exploration Vehicle (SEV) approaches an asteroid, arm extended to take a sample.

Astronaut Performs EVA with Asteroid


In this artist's concept, an astronaut has egressed from the Space Exploration Vehicle to perform Extravehicular Activities (EVA) near an asteroid.

SEV Use Comparison


NASA's new Space Exploration Vehicle (SEV), in development, has a flexible architecture, allowing it to be used as a rover or as a space vehicle.

Astronaut Performs Tethering Maneuvers at Asteroid


In this artist's concept, an astronaut performs a tethering maneuver at an asteroid. The Space Exploration Vehicle (SEV) is close by, with the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV) docked to a habitat in the background.

Concept Image of Twin SEVs Approaching an Asteroid


Twin Space Exploration Vehicles approach an asteroid with the Multi-Person Crew Vehicle docked to a habitat in the background.

Closeup of SEV Undocking from Habitat


This artist's concept shows a closeup of the Space Exploration Vehicle undocking from the habitat.

SEV Docks with Asteroid


In this artist's concept, the Space Exploration Vehicle undocks from the habitat. An asteroid is in the background.

NASA's Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle Concept


Artist's rendering of the Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle on a deep space mission. The MPCV is based on designs for the previously planned Orion capsule.

Space Station Recycled for Asteroid Trip?

NASA/Brian Wilcox [Full Story]

This NASA concept image shows the International Space Station's Tranquility module (Node 3) at the center of two exploration spacecraft that could be sent to visit a nearby asteroid.

NASA's Space Exploration Vehicle

Regan Geeseman

During the 2008 Desert RATS tests at Black Point Lava Flow in Arizona, engineers, geologists and astronauts came together to test the surface version of the Space Exploration Vehicle.

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