Mars500: Photos From Russia's Mock Mars Mission

Crew Takes Shape for Record-Breaking Mock Mars Mission

ESA - S. Corvaja, 2010

Testing a Martian version of the Russian-built Orlan spacesuit for the Mars 500 simulated missions to Mars. The suit has been modified for use in Earth gravity.

Final Crew Unveiled for Record Mock Mars Mission

IBMP/Oleg Voloshin

From left to right and top to bottom: Sukhrob Kamolov, Romain Charles, Diego Urbina, Wang Yue, Alexey Sitev, Alexandr Smoleevskiy, Mikhail Sinelnikov

Crew Selected for Mock Mars Mission

Federal Space Agency.

This view, released by Russia's Federal Space Agency, reveals the living quarters of the planned Mars500 simulated mission to Mars.

Volunteers Locked Away in Mock Mars Mission

ESA/S. Corvaja.

The first Mars500 crew for an initial 105-day experiment prepares to enter the isolation facility on March 31, 2009.

Volunteers Sought for Simulated Mars Mission


A schematic of the 2,150-square-foot facility where volunteers will carry out a simulated mission to Mars. "Module 1" is the medical module, "Module 2" is the living quarters, "Module 3" is the Mars landing module and "Module 4" is the storage module.

Romain, Cardboard Christmas Tree and Socks


Romain smiling happily with a cardboard Christmas tree and socks full of presents.

Training for a 'Marswalk'


Crew training for 'Marswalk' at the simulated martian terrain of the Mars500 experiment. The terrain, about 10 m long and 6 m wide, is covered with reddish sand and is built to resemble the surface at Gusev crater.

Mars500's 100-day Greeting Card


Mar500 crew made a greeting card to celebrate their 100th day in isolation. It addressed to their followers on the internet.

Diego and Romain Preparing an Experiment


Diego and Romain preparing an experiment inside the Mars500 facility.

Mars500 Daily Exercise


Romain, Alexey and Sukhrob doing their daily training.

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