Photos: NASA's Project Morpheus Robot Lander

NASA's Morpheus Lander

NASA/Dimitri Gerondidakis

NASA's Morpheus lander, a vertical test bed vehicle, has been set up at its launch position along the runway at the Shuttle Landing Facility, or SLF, at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Image released July 31, 2012.

Morpheus on the Launch Pad


NASA's Morpheus prototype lander rests on its launch pad waiting for a test at Johnson Space Center in Houston.

Second Morpheus Engine Firing Test

NASA/Joe Bibby

NASA's Morpheus lander seen during its second tethered engine test at Johnson Space Center in Houston.

Morpheus Lander In Flight on Tethered Test 4

NASA/Bill Stafford and Lauren Harnett

NASA's Morpheus lander in flight during its fourth tethered test at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

Morpheus Lander Team Celebrates

NASA/Joe Bibby

Some of NASA's Morpheus Lander team celebrate after a successful tethered test at Johnson Space Center in Houston.

NASA's Morpheus Lander Technology Test

NASA/Kris Kehe

The entrails of NASA's Morpheus Lander, which is a test of new technologies designed to take humans back to the moon or on to Mars.

Morpheus Lander Burn Zone

NASA/Joe Bibby

Scorched Earth at the burn zone around the pad after the 2nd set of engine firings on NASA's Morpheus Lander.

Morpheus Lander Third Tethered Test

NASA/Bill Stafford and Lauren Harnett

NASA's Morpheus Lander flies during its third tethered test at Johnson Space Center.

Morpheus Control Room

NASA/Joe Bibby

The Morpheus control room watching closely during the tethered flight of Morpheus.

Sunset Behind NASA's Morpheus Lander

NASA/Kris Kehe

Sunset behind the Morpheus Lander on the Vertical Testbed Flight Complex at NASA's Johnson Space Center

Morpheus Ground Level Hot Fire

Joe Bibby

The Morpheus Lander underwent ground testing on April 2, 2012, at the VTB Flight Complex in NASA's Johnson Space Center.

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