Latest News About Stars and Galaxies

Stars are giant, luminous spheres of plasma. Galaxies consist of stars, stellar remnants, dust, gas, and dark matter, bound together by gravity. Learn more about stars and galaxies.
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How Far, the Stars? Quasars Solve 'Seven Sisters' Star Cluster Mystery
Image of Pleiades Star Cluster
August 28th, 2014
A new measurement, which used quasars as bright and consistent relative-distance markers, charted the famous "Seven Sisters" star cluster at 136.2 parsecs, or 444 light-years, away from Earth.
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Cool! Planet-Like Object May Have Once Been as Hot as a Star
WISE J0304-2705
September 9th, 2014
New research shows that an object, known as WISE J0304-2705 and classified as a Y dwarf, may have begun its evolution with a temperature as hot as a red dwarf star before settling on its present temperature, which is similar to Venus.
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