Amazing Images Show Northern Lights as Seen by Naked Eye (Photos)

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Aurora Borealis and Milky Way Over Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

Credit: © Mike Taylor - Taylor Photography
While observing the aurora borealis is a truly awe-inspiring and often breathtaking experience, the images that come out of modern-day cameras do not match…Read More »

what an observer witnesses in real life.

Mike Taylor has photographed fantastic Northern Lights displays, and then modified the captured images to reflect the less-dramatic colors and hues seen by the naked eye. These slides show "true" scenes of auroras — captured by Taylor's camera — each followed by desaturated images that reflect what a human eye would see.

Taylor wrote: “When I captured this image, I saw ‘dancing lights’ in the sky, spiking straight up starting around a few hundred feet off the ground. They waved a bit like curtains, but stayed in basically the same area. They seemed to be kind of a blur though — the ‘spikes’ were not well defined. There was definitely a green hue on the horizon and a bit of red color above that, but I didn't see the crazy red and magenta colors that my camera recorded. I saw what appeared to be white/grey ‘curtains’ dancing along the black sky.”    Less «
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