'The Day We Walked On The Moon' Showcases the Participants of Apollo 11

Buzz Aldrin walks on the surface of the moon near a leg of the lunar module in this photo snapped by fellow Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong.
(Image credit: NASA)

A new Smithsonian Channel documentary shows the excitement that the first human moon landing mission 50 years ago generated amid the public and shares the stories of the major players who participated in the feat.

Apollo 11's historic journey is showcased in "The Day We Walked On The Moon," which airs tomorrow (July 7) at 9 p.m. EDT (same time in PDT).

"This one-hour documentary unfolds with a minute-by-minute description of those 24 hours when humanity first stepped on to the moon — told by the people who witnessed it," Smithsonian Channel said in a statement. "Astronauts, members of Mission Control and the children of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin reveal their personal stories behind the scenes of the iconic day."

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The documentary includes remastered footage of the mission, as well as interviews with key players in Mission Control, the spacecraft and in the homes of astronaut families, Smithsonian said in a separate statement on its website. "Over the next few days, the world watched on with wonder and rapture as humankind prepared for its 'one giant leap' onto the moon — and into history," it added.

Other interviewees in the documentary were not direct participants in the Apollo program, but cite the moon landing as a key influence on their careers. These people include Brian May (astrophysicist and lead guitarist of Queen) and Brian Cox, a science popularizer and particle physicist at the University of Manchester.

In addition to the television broadcast, the film will be screened at 67 Smithsonian Institute-affiliated museums across the country on July 20, the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing, studio Finestripe Productions added on their website.

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