Interview Reveals Backstory to
The cover for "Jumper: Jumpscars," a graphic novel written by Christina Weir and Nunzio DeFilippis that accompanies the movie "Jumper."
Credit: Oni Press

Before 20th Century Fox?s movie ?Jumper? opens Thursday, Feb. 14, there?s a bit of a backstory to be told.

The film, an adaptation of Steven Gould?s novel of the same name, explores a world where ?Jumpers? ? individuals who can teleport through space and time ? are hunted by Paladins.

 ?Jumper: Jumpscars? from Oni Press is a 96-page original graphic novel set prior to the film?s story. The graphic novel explores the history of the Paladin Mary Rice, played in the film by Diane Lane. Putting the ?Jumpscars? story to paper is the writing team of Christina Weir and Nunzio DeFilippis and artist Brian Hurtt.

?It's a full universe, with a lot of aspects that have great potential that there just wasn't room for in the film,? DeFilippis told Newsarama [Full Interview]. ?Some of the mythology surrounding the Paladins is in the film, but a lot of it goes unspoken. We had a chance, by having access to the film's producers, the studio, and through them the writers and director, to tap into the unused portion of their plans. And even better, to put our own spin on it - bring our own take to the Paladins. Plus, there was a character whose backstory just begged to be told, and we got to do it.?

Given the relative production schedules of the movie and graphic novel, both were being worked on at the same time, something Weir said created unique challenges.

?While the story we're telling takes place a good twenty years before the movie, we still wanted to make sure that we didn't write anything that would conflict with what they were doing,? Weir said. ?We read a draft of the script early on. But that wasn't even close to the final draft or what they actually shot. On top of that, our artist Brian Hurtt had his own set of challenges trying to keep the look of the book consistent with the look of the movie. They played around with the jump effect for a long time before they settled on the final project. And there we were asking Brian to draw these scenes with a character jumping and he didn't know what the actual special effect was supposed to look like.?

While nothing of ?Jumpscars? length is scheduled, the two are keeping the door open for future work in the world of ?Jumper? and have written a short story that will be included as a comic in the eventual DVD release.

?Jumper: Jumpscars? is available Wednesday, Feb. 13 at comic book shops nationwide.