Science Fiction and No-Way Physics

The physicsof impossibility goes by a variety of names, including no-way physics.These names refer to physical principles that simply can't be contravened orgotten around.

Robert P. Crease, chairmanof the philosophy department at Stony Brook University and historian at theBrookhaven National Laboratory, recently wrote an interesting piece on thistopic. He says in part:

No-wayphysics produces a special kind of dissatisfaction, involving the collision ofscience with our hopes and dreams ? of limitless energy, of superluminaltravel, of pinning things to specific places at specific times. Humans seemhard-wired to have such hopes, and hard-wired to balk at the science thatdashes them...

Science fiction writersseem hard-wired to balk at "no-way physics" as well. Even the peopledesignated as "hard science fiction" writers are often inclined to goaround the rules:

Do you likescience fiction that absolutely obeys the rules (as we know them) or are youmore of a contrarian? Letus know.

Via No-wayphysics.

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