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Project Gemini: NASA's 2-Person Space Missions in Pictures

Gemini VIII PIlots Prepare for Launch


On March 16, 1966, Neil Armstrong, in front, and David Scott leave the suit up trailer to board the transfer van for the short trip to Launch Pad 19 at Cape Kennedy. Behind Scott is Chief Astronaut Alan Shepard, America's first man in space.

Leaving Cape Kennedy


In the photograph on the left, the Atlas Agena target vehicle for the Gemini VIII mission lifts off from Launch Pad 14 at Cape Kennedy at 10 a.m. on March 16, 1966. One hour and 41 minutes later, Gemini VIII astronauts Neil Armstrong and David Scott are launched atop a Titan II rocket from the Cape's Launch Pad 19.

Testing the Gemini Spacesuit - January 1966


Test subject Fred Spross, Crew Systems Division, wears the spacesuit and extravehicular equipment planned for use by Gemini VIII astronaut David R. Scott. The helmet is equipped with a gold-plated visor to shield the astronaut's face from unfiltered sun rays. The system is composed of a life-support pack worn on the chest and a support pack worn on the back.

Approaching Agena

NASA/David Scott

The Gemini VIII spacecraft approaches the Agena during rendezvous maneuvers.

Inspecting the target

NASA/David Scott

During their rendezvous in space, Gemini VIII astronauts inspect the Agena target vehicle prior to docking.

Docking for the first time

NASA/David Scott

The nose of Gemini VIII approaches the docking collar of the Agena target vehicle as Neil Armstrong and David Scott complete the world's first link-up between two spacecraft in orbit.

Watching helpless, but hopeful


Spacecraft communicator Jim Lovell, foreground, and fellow astronaut Bill Anders, follow reports from Gemini VIII during the in-space emergency. A spacecraft maneuvering thruster malfunctioned causing Neil Armstrong and David Scott's capsule to tumble out of control.

Awaiting a ride


On March 17, 1966, Gemini VIII astronauts Neil Armstrong and David Scott sit in their spacecraft while waiting for the arrival of the recovery ship, the USS Leonard Mason. They are assisted by three U.S. Air Force pararescue divers.

Gemini XI Splashdown - September 1966


Gemini XI astronauts Richard F. Gordon Jr. (left), pilot, and Charles "Pete" Conrad Jr., command pilot, sit in a life raft while awaiting pickup by a helicopter from the USS Guam. Members of the U.S. Navy frogman team wait with them.

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