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Earth Views from Space Station Star in Stunning Time-Lapse Video

Astronauts have beamed down their views of the Earth from the International Space Station for years, but a new video shows their unique sights in a new light. David Peterson crafted the video, called "The World Outside My Window," using photography captured by astronauts on the space station and set it to music. The result: A beautiful and occasionally emotional depiction of what Earth looks like from above.

Peterson treats his audience to some of the most stunning shots ever taken from the station including a time-lapse of the entire Earth turning below the cupola — a huge window that gives space station residents a panoramic view of the planet. He also incorporates some images of lightning flashing in clouds over the surface of the planet. Some of former space station astronaut Don Pettit's images are on display as well as a great shot of Comet Lovejoy above Australia about two minutes into the two minute and 30 second clip. [Photos: Exquisite Star Trails Captured by Astronaut Don Pettit]

This isn't Peterson's first time using footage from the International Space Station. In 2011, he crafted another two minute and 30 second video titled "All Alone in the Night" that uses imagery of Earth at night as seen from the station. That video "highlighted night sequences and spectacular aurora light shows and intended to give a feeling of flying through space," Peterson said in a description.

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