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Space History Photo: STS-107 Crew in front of SPACEHAB

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The STS-107 Crew stands with the SPACEHAB during training.
(Image: © NASA.)

In this historical photo from the U.S. space agency, taking part in the In-Flight Maintenance training, the STS-107 crew poses in front of the SPACEHAB Double Module. In back are Mission Specialist Laurel Clark, Israeli Payload Specialist Ilan Ramon, and Mission Specialist Kalpana Chawla; in front are Mission Specialist David M. Brown, Commander Rick D. Husband, Pilot William C. "Willie" McCool (behind), and Mission Specialist Michael Anderson.

As a research mission, STS-107 carried the SPACEHAB Double Module in its first research flight into space and a broad collection of experiments ranging from material science to life science. For more information on STS-107, please see GRIN Columbia General Explanation.

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