A Wink and a Smile: Venus and Moon Exchange Glances in Night Sky Photo

Venus and Moon Jose Rozada Venezuela
Venus shines brightly under a crescent moon in this image. Jose Rozada took this photo on the morning on Nov. 11, 2012 from Guarenas, Venezuela. (Image credit: Jose Rozada)

The crescent moon appears to smile at a brilliantly winking Venus in this stunning night sky image.

This image was taken by Jose Rozada on the morning on Nov. 11 from Guarenas, Venezuela.

Venus, the second planet from the sun, is named for the ancient Roman goddess of love and beauty. Venus will shine fairly prominently in the night sky through the end of this year, but will rapidly fall into the sunrise light by the end of January and early February.

The crescent moon can be seen above Venus in this image.

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