Vote Now! Best Space Stories of the Week - Aug. 14, 2011

Living In A Multiverse With Exploding Stars And Solar Flares

Stephen Feeney/UCL

This week we explored the possibility of living in a multiverse, saw exploding stars and the largest solar flare on the sun. Vote for your top space story of the week:

Building Blocks of DNA Found in Meteorites from Space

NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center/Chris Smith

The ingredients of DNA and other organic compounds have now been discovered in meteors, shedding light on how Earth got the building blocks for life.[Full Story]

Nemesis No More? Comet-Hurling 'Death Star' Most Likely a Myth

Don Davis

Asteroid and comet impacts on Earth don't wax and wane regularly, ruling out the existence of the so-called "Nemesis" companion star to the sun, a new study finds.[Full Story]

Scientists Cook Up Jupiter's Atmosphere on Earth


Scientists are trying to recreate the atmosphere of Jupiter right here on Earth. [Full Story]

Sun Unleashes Largest Solar Flare in Years


An extremely powerful solar flare, the largest in over four years, rocked the sun early Tuesday (Aug. 9), but it was unlikely to wreak any serious havoc here on Earth, scientists say. [Full Story]

NASA Rover Arrives at Huge Mars Crater After 3-Year Trek


After a nearly three-year journey, NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity reached a giant crater, called Endeavour, on Wednesday, Aug. 10. [Full Story]

Jodie Foster Helps Revive SETI Search for Aliens

SETI Institute

E.T., the phone line is open and SETI is waiting for your call. And apparently Jodie Foster, too. After a temporary shutdown due to budget cuts, SETI's Allen Telescope Array is back in business with donations from Foster and other supporters. [Full Story]

New Look at Exploding Stars Provides Cosmic Yardstick

NASA/ESA, The Hubble Key Project Team and The High-Z Supernova Search Team

To judge how far away objects are, astronomers must rely on other objects whose properties are already known — such as certain kinds of exploding stars called supernova. New research is shedding light on the identity of one of these "standard candles," so-called because their brightness is standard enough that their true distance can be deduced from it. [Full Story]

Space Junk Cleanup Poses Grand Challenge for 21st Century


The troublesome build-up of space debris has reached a critical point and smashups between objects will continue to occur. A new coordinate approach to tackling the space junk menace is vital for future spaceflight, according to NASA's space debris office. [Full Story]

Superfast Military Aircraft Crashed in Pacific Ocean, DARPA Says


An unmanned military plane billed as the "fastest aircraft ever built" crashed into the Pacific Ocean Thursday(Aug. 12) after a malfunction caused it to stop sending signals while flying at more than 20 times the speed of sound, military officials said. [Full Story]

Weird! Our Universe May Be a 'Multiverse,' Scientists Say

Stephen Feeney/UCL

Is the universe just one of many? Scientists are seriously investigating the possibility in a new test. [Full Story]

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