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NASA Chief to Workers: Congress Debt Ceiling Talks Won't Stall Space Agency

The logo of NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
The logo of NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. (Image credit: NASA)

Congress may be facing a looming Tuesday (Aug. 2) deadline to raise the U.S. national debt ceiling, but NASA will be open for business as usual next week, the agency's chief told employees.

In a memo to space agency workers Friday (July 29), NASA Administrator Charles Bolden reminded employees that the agency's mission (like those of other federal agencies) will continue as Congress works to find a resolution to the U.S. debt ceiling crisis. Congress must settle on legislation to raise the country's debt ceiling by Aug. 2 or else risk defaulting on the nation's financial obligations.

"As you know, Congress is debating how it plans to meet its obligations and raise the debt ceiling so that the country can pay its bills," Bolden wrote in the memo, which was posted on the website "The President expects that Congress will do its job, enact an increase of the debt ceiling that he can sign into law, and end this impasse. I am sending this note to remind you that NASA employees should plan to come to work next week, as scheduled, at their normal place and time."

Bolden thanked NASA employees and urged them to take pride in their work for America's space program. [Infographic: Visualizing the National Debt]

"The patience, diligence, and professionalism that you all have shown through this challenging time in our Nation's history is something the American people can be proud of, and I am proud of as well," Bolden wrote.

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