Space Weather, Solar Flares & Sun Storms: Latest News

See our amazing collection of stories and features about the increasingly important topic of space weather (aka solar storms).
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Earth-Like Exoplanet May Be Too Radiation-Blasted to Host Life
Exoplanet Kepler-438b's Atmosphere Stripped Away
November 18th, 2015
Powerful eruptions from its host star may have stripped away the Earth-like exoplanet Kepler-438b's atmosphere, rendering the world uninhabitable, a new study suggests.
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Achoo! Solar Sneeze Could Light Up Earth's Atmosphere (Video)
Solar Flare AR2443
November 8th, 2015
Just in time for the flu season, the Earth is going to catch a bit of the sun's sneeze, following a solar eruption yesterday (Nov. 4).
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The Active Sun: US Unveils Plan to Deal with Space Weather
CME on Feb. 24, 2015 Image
November 2nd, 2015
On Thursday (Oct. 29), the White House released two documents that lay out the nation's official plan for mitigating the negative impacts of solar flares and other types of "space weather."
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Gorgeous Auroras Could Light Up Entire Martian Sky
Auroras on Mars
November 5th, 2015
The first astronauts to set foot on Mars may be in for a spectacular sight — the entire night sky filled with glowing auroras.
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Giant 'Hole' in Sun Is 50 Earths Wide
Coronal Hole on Oct. 10, 2015
October 15th, 2015
The sun has sprung a leak: A hole in the topmost layer of the sun and its magnetic field, the size of 50 Earths, is letting loose an ultrafast solar wind that has kicked off several nights of auroras down on Earth.
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'Electric Sails' Could Propel Superfast Spacecraft by 2025
Artist's Illustration of Electric-Sail Spacecraft
November 9th, 2015
Researchers are developing an "electric sail" propulsion system that would harness the solar wind, the stream of protons, electrons and other charged particles that flows outward from the sun at more than 1 million mph.
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