Mars the Red Planet: Latest News and Discoveries

Mars, The Red Planet, Fourth Planet From The Sun
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The Lure of Mars: Why We Keep Going Back
Mars Hubble Image
September 19th, 2014
Why do NASA and other space agencies keep sending robotic probes to Mars? Because the planet is close to Earth, may be able to support life and is a chief long-term target for human exploration.
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NASA Defends Science Plan for Mars Rover Curiosity
NASA's Mars rover Curiosity captured this self-portrait during April and May in 2014 during its second year on the Red Planet.
September 12th, 2014
NASA is staunchly defending the science plans for its flagship Mars rover Curiosity in the wake of a recent senior-level review that at times harshly criticized the mission's science operations.
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'Curiosity' (US 2014): Mars Rover Book Excerpt
'Curiosity: An Inside Look at the Mars Rover Mission and the People Who Made It Happen'
September 10th, 2014
An excerpt from "Curiosity," Rod Pyle's new book about NASA's $2.5 billion Mars Science Laboratory mission.
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NASA's Newest Mars Orbiter Set for Red Planet Arrival on Sunday
This image shows an artist concept of NASA's Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN (MAVEN) spacecraft in orbit around the Red Planet. The Mars atmosphere probe will arrive at the planet on Sept. 21, 2014.
September 18th, 2014
NASA's MAVEN probe is slated to arrive at the Red Planet around 9:50 p.m. EDT Sunday. The spacecraft's handlers are reporting no problems during the home stretch of its 10-month space journey.
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Mars Probes from US and India Arrive at Red Planet This Month
Artist's impression of NASA's MAVEN mission
September 9th, 2014
Two spacecraft on their way to Mars are performing well as they close in on the Red Planet this month.
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Mars Rover Opportunity to Have Memory Wiped
Tweet this page  Opportunity's Rear-Facing View Ahead After a Drive
September 2nd, 2014
The time has come -- the little Mars rover needs its first memory wipe.
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Life-Hunting Mars Mission Idea Makes Progress, But Needs Cash
ExoLance 'Penetrator' in Martian Subsurface
September 15th, 2014
A concept mission that would fire scientific missiles at Mars to search for signs of subsurface life is making technical strides, team members say, but it still needs quite a bit of financial help to get off the ground.
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NASA Eyes Potential Landing Sites for 2020 Mars Rover Mission
NASA Mars Rover 2020 Labeled
September 8th, 2014
NASA is looking for a place to land its next Mars rover on the Martian surface. Expected to launch in 2020, the space agency asked scientists where they'd like to see the rover land on the Martian surface.
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