Mars the Red Planet: Latest News and Discoveries

Mars, The Red Planet, Fourth Planet From The Sun
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Curiosity Rover Recons Rocky Base of Mars Mountain (Photos)
'Pink Cliffs' Resist Erosion on Mars
November 20th, 2014
Curiosity continues to investigate an outcrop at the foot of Mount Sharp dubbed Pahrump Hills, which the robot reached in September after a 14-month trek.
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Curiosity Rover on Mars Finds Mineral Spotted from Space
This image shows the first holes drilled by NASA's Mars rover Curiosity at the base of Mount Sharp. Curiosity drilled into an outcrop dubbed Pahrump Hills in late September 2014.
November 6th, 2014
The first samples collected by NASA's Mars rover Curiosity at the foot of a huge Martian mountain have provided some vital ground-truthing of data gathered from orbit.
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Life in an 8-Month Mars Sim: A Q+A With the Hi-SEAS Team
Neil Scheibelhut, medical Officer, HI-SEAS, Mars
November 21st, 2014
From a dome in Hawai'i, six astronaut hopefuls are running an 8-month experiment into what life would be like on Mars.
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Could There Be Organic Matter on Mars?
November 13th, 2014
The origins of organic matter found by Mars lander missions have long been debated, but a new study suggests a way to find out whether these chemicals of life came from the Red Planet or elsewhere.
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'The Martian' Author Andy Weir & Steve Jurveston Mind-Meld on Mars Colonies
SpaceX Dragon Mars
October 31st, 2014
Mars colonization moves forward, pushed by visionaries and pragmatists alike.
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Buzz Aldrin Says One-Way Trips to Mars Could Actually Work
Astronauts on Mars
October 23rd, 2014
Apollo 11 moonwalker Buzz Aldrin wants to send people on a trip to Mars, and he doesn't want them to come home — at least not at first.
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My Other Office is on Mars
Shaunna Morrison and Curiosity rover
November 21st, 2014
I know what you’re thinking: this is not a normal day-in-the-life of a mineralogy graduate student. And you’re right about that! I never dreamed that my love of rocks, crystals, and the atomic scale would lead me to be part of a NASA mission.
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The Brightest Planets in November’s Night Sky: How to See Them
Mercury in November 2014
November 11th, 2014
Get up early or stay out late to see some of the brightest planets in the night sky this month. The elusive planet Mercury begins November with its best morning apparition for 2014.
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NASA's Asteroid-Capture Mission Won't Help Astronauts Reach Mars: Scientist
Artist's Concept of Astronaut Visiting Captured Asteroid
October 29th, 2014
NASA should scrap its bold asteroid-capture mission idea and instead launch a comprehensive search for near-Earth asteroids to visit in their native orbits, MIT professor Richard Binzel says.
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