First look: EXO-6 is beaming up a hyper-detailed First Contact Data figure from 'Star Trek: TNG'

A first look at the new 12-inch First Contact Data from "Star Trek: First Contact" by EXO-6.
A first look at the new 12-inch First Contact Data from "Star Trek: First Contact" by EXO-6. (Image credit: EXO-6)

Every red-blooded "Star Trek" fan needs a little Data in their lives, right?  

Then quickly clear a spot on your shelf and check out this deluxe new 12-inch collectible figure from EXO-6 that beautifully portrays Lieutenant Commander Data as seen in the 1996 feature film "Star Trek: First Contact."

Nearing its pre-order status next month, this 1:6 scale, fully-articulated Data is targeted for a late spring 2021 release and a price point somewhere around $189.95. Final cost will be available at the company's official website or subscribe to their newsletter for updated info.

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Here's the firm's detailed description:

"When introduced in 'Star Trek: The Next Generation,' Data was a one-of-a-kind cybernetic organism, an artificial being that wanted nothing more than to be just like the imperfect humans he served with aboard the Enterprise. In the film 'First Contact,' the Borg Queen gives him an opportunity to be more human than he ever thought possible, yet he rejects that hope in the service of loyalty to his friends and the rest of humanity.

"Data is one of the most popular characters in 'Star Trek,' and no other character better expresses the wonder of discovery that is the heart of 'Star Trek' than this android with a soul. 

The EXO-6 1:6 scale figure of Data will not only embody the hopefulness of the character, but also bring an element of Brent Spiner's performance into collector's homes."

Standing roughly 12 inches tall (30 cm), Data's 24th century Starfleet officer's tunic and custom black boots are authentically reproduced down to the finest details. Over 30 points of articulation let this  premium android figure be positioned in a wide range of dynamic poses.

Data comes packed with two heads, his normal portrait and one replicating his face after the sinister Borg Queen gifts him with new grafted skin. Magnets sewn into the jumpsuit costume allow you to attach his Type II hand phaser and TR-590 Tricorder X. He’s also equipped with a wicked Type 3B Phaser rifle for close encounters with roaming Borg drones.

For added support, Data can be placed on a hexagonal display pad with special inserts representing the transporter pad or the center of the transporter array.

Visit EXO-6's product page for additional details on this stunning Data collectible due out later this year. Make it so!

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