Best Space Playsets for Toddlers

Best space playset for toddlers
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When you are a toddler you are likely to like either dolls, space, or dinosaurs, oh and putting things in your mouth you really shouldn't. Here at, we like to concentrate on the space part of that equation so we have grabbed as many space-themed playsets as we could to try out.

We limited our playsets to those geared towards children five years or younger. Once a child starts school for real they can't really be called a toddler anymore and we wanted to keep it tightly focused.

Blast off!

CP Toys Plastic Rocket

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CP Toys Plastic Space Mission Rocket Ship

Prep for the mission with this awesome rocket

Let your child explore the universe with their own personal rocket! This 7-piece set is made from extremely durable plastics that will last a long time and includes six fun figures, including a moon buggy, to help create imaginative scenarios.

When I was a kid I was into both space and dinosaurs, so my version of this rocket often took off with a T-Rex as a pilot. 

Learn the history

Begin again space A-Z

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BeginAgain Space A To Z Puzzle & Playset

Teach your toddler edge recognition

If your child is down the lower end of the age range but you would like to spark an interest in space, this playset is perfect. Filled with objects of various sizes it helps children lean about spatial orientation and edge recognition, while also showing off aspects of space that you can help to learn about. 

Great value

Wild republic tube o space

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Wild Republic space figures tube

Add some bulk to your kids space collection

If your kid is anything like my kid when it comes to imagination play, the more the merrier. She doesn't care if the toys don't move or make sounds, she just wants a lot of them to be her puppets.

These cost-effective tubes of plastic figures are perfect to bulk out a child's playroom boxes.

Classic fun

petit collage play scene

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Petit Collage Magnetic Play Scene, Outer Space

Create vivid scenes

These felt collage sets have been around since I was a baby — all the way back when the years started with 19 — and they still manage to create wonder for kids around the world. They are like sticker sets that you can reuse over and again.

This space-themed collage has astronauts, moons, planets, and even a moon lander to let your kids imagination run free, creating storyboards.

A starry tent

USA toyz Rocket Ship

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USA Toyz Rocket Ship Play Tent for Kids

A great place to play with toys

While this isn't technically a playset, it is the perfect place to use those playsets. What better place to play space games then your very own rocket! this small tent is easy to set up and will help kids escape the mundane world and blast off into fantasy.

Settle in to play

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Using their imagination and playing is one of the best ways for your children to learn and engage with a subject. If you want to teach a child about a subject then you surround them with toys on that subject.

Thankfully space is a broad-reaching and exciting topic so it is easy to find excellent toys to give to children. Every child should have a rocket and the Plastic Space Mission Rocket Ship by CP Toys is perfect for a toddler to get to grips with. It's sturdy, meaning it will last them a long time, and the little figures can add hours of entertainment.

I also like the wooden Mars colony. It is such a pretty little set that includes so many nice touches that I can see it staying on a shelf even after your child outgrows it.

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