Conquer the galaxy for less with the Cosmic Encounter strategy game, now 35% off

Cosmic Encounter
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Cosmic Encounter is just over $20 off at Amazon, making this intergalactic strategy game a meagre $38.99. Suitable for 3-5 players, aged 14+, it could be just the thing for getting the people together this holiday. But Cosmic Encounter isn't just about building your empire by crushing your opponent. 

There's forging alliances, bluffing your way through encounters and more.  There's more to this game than its 1-2 hour runtime suggests and, if you can get a group of suitably minded people together, it could become a real time-sink. This is one of the best space board game deals we've seen so far during the Prime Early Access sale, so snap it up and get conquering the galaxy. 

Cosmic Encounter 42nd Anniversary Edition board game: $59.95 $38.99 at Amazon

Cosmic Encounter 42nd Anniversary Edition board game: $59.95 $38.99 at Amazon

Save $20: Thanks to Prime Day, you can snap up Cosmic Encounter for around 35% off. Each round of this strategy board game may only take an hour or two, but it has the potential to turn into a galactic Game of Thrones. 

As tempting as some of the deals are, Prime Day isn't just about technology. You can snap up some great board game deals and, at $20.00 off, Cosmic Encounter, is well worth beaming up.

This space-based strategy game from Fantasy Flight Games, won't eat up a whole afternoon and takes between 1 and 2 hours to play. You're not going to have to put things on pause because, six hours in, you're still only halfway through the second phase.

But, while it's not a long game, there's plenty of potential for friendship-endangering galactic shenanigans. You win by establishing five foreign colonies, but how you go about that is up to you.

Will you adopt a peaceful(ish) approach, forging alliances and reasoning that it's better for two people to succeed than one to fail? Maybe you'll attempt to bluff your way to power. It's entirely up to you. 

Lying, breaking alliances - it's all fair game when it comes to colonising the galaxy. So while you'll likely have a space-whale of a time playing Cosmic Encounters, we can't guarantee your friendships will survive.

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