Miroslav Filipovic

Miroslav Filipovic

Professor, Western Sydney University

I am an astronomer in the School of Computing Engineering & Mathematics at the Western Sydney University.

Astronomy, Science, Education and Computing are my profession, hobby, interest and passion. Especially, research in Astronomy has been a source of fascination for me now since the early 1980s.

All of my research work is closely related to understanding the evolution of, and interactions between galaxies and the processes of star-formation and star evolution as they affect galaxy evolution.

Throughout my professional career I have been fortunate to work with the best instruments (telescopes) ever built. These include: Australia Telescope Compact Array, Very Large Array, Parkes, ROSAT, H.E.S.S., XMM-Newton, CHANDRA, NANTEN2, Hubble Space Telescope and South African Large Telescope.

Computational imaging, visualization and simulation are one of the driving forces in the development of modern Science, Health and Medicine. Modern Astrophysics encompasses and heavily relies on these tools and techniques. My major scientific research interests are in Supernova Remnants, Planetary Nebulae (PNe), Milky Way structure and mass extinctions, HII regions, X-ray Binaries, Active Galactic Nucleus, Local Group of galaxies, Masers, Extrasolar Planets, Search for local/nearby Brawn Dwarfs, X-ray background radiation (SPT & Pavo deep field), virtual observatory, comets, star/planet formation and Stellar Content (WR, O, B stars) in nearby galaxies.

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