Meet the Time Lords: The Many Faces of Doctor Who

The Tenth Doctor (2005-2010)

Adrian Rogers/BBC

David Tennant's Tenth, along with Matt Smith's Eleventh, were what showrunner Steven Moffat called "good boyfriend Doctors." Youthful, exuberant, with almost childlike vulnerabilities, both were characterized by their ample zest, manic garrulousness and sensitivity.

Tennant's Doctor luxuriated in his "geek chic" look, which borrowed elements from the Fifth Doctor. In addition to a pair of tortoise-shell spectacles or paper 3D glasses, he flaunted a pinstriped four-button suit, a collared shirt and tie, a fawn suede overcoat that supposedly belonged to Janis Joplin, and several different colored pairs of Converse All-Star sneakers.

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The Eleventh Doctor (2010-2013)

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After a course of deadly radiation prompted the Tenth Doctor to regenerate into the Eleventh, Matt Smith spent most of his first episode in the tattered remains on his former incarnation. He soon came into his own, however, by filching several items of clothing from a hospital, including a brown Harris tweed jacket with elbow patches, suspenders, black pants and black ankle boots.

Smith's Doctor had a yen for accoutrements, specifically bow ties (a nod to the Second Doctor) and fezzes, which he declared "cool." He also flirted with wearing a Stetson, a Victorian top hat and a pair of reading glasses that belonged to his companion Amy Pond.

Much like his predecessor, the Eleventh Doctor was an "old man trapped in a young man's body," Moffat said.

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The Twelfth Doctor (2014-2017)

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Dying from old age, the Eleventh Doctor morphed into Peter Capaldi's Twelfth. After a spate of youngish Doctors, Capaldi's elder statesman was a refreshing change. Unlike Tennant's and Smith's more human Doctors, Capaldi was less accessible, more alien, suspicious and volatile. Gazing upon his new face for the first time, he described it as "absolutely furious."

When it came to choosing his attire, the Doctor said he was "aiming for minimalism" but "came out with magician" instead.

He wore a dark-blue Crombie-style coat, lined with red (a callback to the Third Doctor), dark-blue pants, a buttoned-up collared shirt with no tie, a navy cardigan or vest, and brogue boots. When he was in one of his "rock star" moods, he would switch out his shirt for a hoodie or T-shirt. He was fond of his electric guitar and, for a time, donned a pair of sonic sunglasses that he referred to as "wearable technology."

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The Thirteenth Doctor (2018)

BBC/BBC America

Jodie Whittaker's Doctor is still unmolded clay, at least for now. Whatever she chooses to wear to telegraph her individuality, however, at least one thing's for sure: It will be fantastic.

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