Hit the Beach! Stunning NASA Views Show US Shores from Space (Video)

Calling all beach bums! If you're hitting the sandy shore of a lake or ocean this summer, then NASA has the video for you, one that stars stunning views of U.S. beaches from space.

"Summer is beach season in the Northern Hemisphere. But even if you're a regular at your local swimming hole, you probably haven't seen too many beaches from this perspective," Kathryn Hansen of NASA's Earth Observatory wrote in a video description. "This video from NASA Earth Observatory shows the satellite and space-station view of various shorelines across the United States. No sunblock necessary." [In Photos: The Best US Beaches of 2017]

The beach tour from space begins in Hawaii (because of course it would) and then moves across the U.S. with stops in Southern California, Central California, Idaho and Utah, Wisconsin, Michigan, Massachusetts, Virginia and North Carolina before ending up in Florida. 

Hansen, who produced the video for NASA, used satellite imagery and data from the Landsat Earth observation program along with photos by astronauts on the International Space Station to create the beach tour. 

Editor's note: Space.com senior producer Steve Spaleta contributed to this report.

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