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Photos: China's Shenzhou 10 Space Mission in Pictures

Long March 2F Rocket First & Second Stage Launchers


The first- and second-stage launchers of the Long March 2F rocket, which will carry China's crewed Shenzhou 10 spacecraft, are placed at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center for further testing in Jiuquan, northwest Gansu province. The Long March 2F rocket, delivered to the center on May 2, is technologically advanced and more reliable compared to the one that carried the Shenzhou 9. Slated for blastoff, perhaps in early June, Shenzhou 10 was delivered to the launch center on March 31.

Long March 2F Rocket First Stage Launcher


Staff members hoist the first-stage launcher of the Long March 2F rocket, which will carry China's new piloted spacecraft Shenzhou 10, at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.

Test of Shenzhou Capsule Recovery


Recent test of Shenzhou capsule recovery in the event of a water landing.

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