Latest News About Mars Science Laboratory, NASA's Newest Mars Rover

The Mars rover Curiosity, also known as the Science Laboratory, will launch in late 2011 and land on the Red Planet in August 2012.
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Curiosity Rover Snaps Awesome Selfies on Mars During Mountain Trek
Curiosity Mars Rover Self-Portrait on Aug. 5, 2015
August 19th, 2015
The 1-ton Curiosity rover snapped several low-angle shots with the camera at the end of its robotic arm on Aug. 5, at a site called Marias Pass in the foothills of the 3.4-mile-high (5.5 kilometers) Mount Sharp.
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NASA's Next Nuclear-Powered Mars Rover: Building the Beast
Curiosity's Sky-Crane Maneuver
August 27th, 2015
NASA's next nuclear-powered Mars rover, slated to launch in 2020, is slowly coming together. And while the Mars 2020 mission is largely based on NASA's Mars rover Curiosity now exploring the Red Planet, there are a variety of distinctions that set it apar
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NASA Joins Tumblr to Explore the Social Media Frontier
NASA's Tumblr Profile
August 12th, 2015
A constellation of new NASA profile pages have gone live on Tumblr — including profiles for astronaut Peggy Whitson, the Juno mission to Jupiter and the Curiosity rover on Mars.
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NASA's Curiosity Rover Eyes Weird Rock On Mars
'Missoula' Rock Outcrop on Mars
July 28th, 2015
Measurements by Curiosity's rock-zapping ChemCam laser and another instrument revealed that a chunk of bedrock dubbed Elk contains high levels of silica and thus is a good candidate to preserve ancient organic molecules, if any exist in the area.
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Wheel Worries: Mars Rover Curiosity Dealing With Damage
Curiosity Wheel Image
July 6th, 2015
NASA's Mars rover Curiosity faces ongoing wheel wear and tear as it continues its trek across the rock-strewn Red Planet. Mission engineers are watching the wheels turn, keeping an eye on the dings and cracks that have begun to appear.
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3 Years on Mars! Curiosity Rover Reaches Milestone
The Mars Curiosity Rover has found signs of ancient water on Mars.
August 5th, 2015
Curiosity landed on the night of Aug. 5, 2012, pulling off a dramatic and unprecedented touchdown with the aid of a rocket-powered "sky crane" that lowered the 1-ton rover gently to the Martian surface via cables.
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Mars Rover Curiosity Gives Advanced Sunspot Warning from Sun's Far Side
Sunspot forming
July 22nd, 2015
The Curiosity rover on Mars has turned its cameras skyward and found sunspots brewing on the far side of the sun, a view that's impossible to get from Earth.
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