Latest News About China's Space Program

China became the third country ever to launch a human into space in 2003 and has been expanding its space program ever since. Get the latest news about China's space program, launches and space missions.
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Two Satellites Placed in Orbit by Chinese Rocket
Long March 2D Rocket Launch on Sept. 4, 2014
September 7th, 2014
China launched a Long March 2D rocket Sept. 4, 2014, carrying a data relay satellite and a payload to conduct multimedia telecommunications experiments.
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New Space Race? US Eyes Asteroids as Other Nations Shoot for the Moon
Buzz Aldrin and Flag During First Moon Landing
July 23rd, 2014
In the four decades since Apollo, no humans have landed on the moon. While NASA has no concrete plans to send astronauts back, other nations are talking about going there.
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China's 'Great Wall of Dust' Seen From Space
Dust in China
April 26th, 2014
A massive east Asian dust storm is caught on satellite imagery on April 23, 2014. Dust storms are common in northern China and southern Mongolia during the late winter and spring, and pollution often affects Beijing and other cities.
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Astronaut All-Stars Will Visit China to Talk Space Cooperation
China's First Astronaut, Yang Liwei
September 5th, 2014
Space travelers from around the world are headed for China this month for an international Planetary Congress to explore the possibilities of expanding human spaceflight cooperation among different countries.
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China's President Xi Wants More Military Use of Space: Report
China's Shijian 11-06 Satellite Launch
April 15th, 2014
Chinese President Xi Jinping reportedly asked his nation's air force to hasten its integration of air and space capabilities. Some of the Chinese media framed Xi's request as a response to actions by the United States and other world powers.
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Has China's Ailing Moon Rover Survived 2nd Lunar Night?
China's Yutu Rover Fate in Doubt
February 12th, 2014
China's first moon lander, Chang'e 3, is reportedly up and running following its second encounter with the vicious lunar night cycle. But whether the lander's sidekick, the Yutu moon rover, also survived the lunar cold is not immediately clear.
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China to Launch Recoverable Moon Orbiter Prototype This Year
China Return Capsule
September 3rd, 2014
China's space program has set its sights on an ambitious feat of lunar exploration: robotically landing a probe on the moon and returning lunar samples back to Earth.
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China's 'Lunar Palace' for Space Research Tested on Earth
China's Lunar Palace 1 Layout
June 16th, 2014
Three volunteers stepped out of China's Lunar Palace 1 last month after a 105-day shakeout mission — not on the moon, but at the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
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Chinese Long March Rocket Boosts Experimental Satellite Into Orbit
China's Shijian 11-06 Satellite Launch
April 2nd, 2014
China launched an experimental satellite Monday aboard a Long March 2C rocket from the Jiuquan space base in northwest China, according to official media reports.
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