2011 Orionid Meteor Shower Photos by Skywatchers

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2011 Orionid Meteor Shower: Jeff Berkes

Credit: Jeff Berkes
Astrophotographer Jeff Berkes snapped this amazing photo of an Orionid meteor streaking above a lake in Elverson, Pa., on Oct. 22, 2011, during the peak…Read More »

of the annual Orionid meteor shower. Said Berkes: "I arrived here around 1am with crystal clear skies and a moody fog rising off the lake.I was a little biut worried about the moon making its ascent in the sky, but the Orionids were streaking bright and I counted about 30 meteors last night and this morning. Three of them were random meteors, and two of those three were borderline fireballs! Happy meteor hunting!"   Less «
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