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Build Your Own Space Program with This Realistic Simulator [Sponsored]

If you've ever wanted a taste of real aerospace, look no further than Kerbal Space Program. Aside from the green cartoon astronauts, this computer simulator is all business. With it's full-fledged physics engine and detailed modelling of multi-stage spacecraft, this celebrated game lets you manage everything that goes into a real-life space program.

Not only does Kerbal Space Program let you assemble a ship from real-world components, it allows you to design complex launch stage sequences just like actual NASA craft. Once in orbit, you can send your crew out on spacewalks and other extra-vehicular activities. Build space stations and planetary bases by docking multiple ships together, and plot explorations to distant galaxies.

After working through its collection of challenging missions, you can join the game's highly active online community to discover game mods and advanced tips from die-hard space enthusiasts. Usually $39.99, pick up Kerbal Space Program on Steam for 40% off — just $23.99.

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